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    MEDIA RELEASE: Celebrating May 29, International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers: Canada’s support for UN peace operations falters

    Ottawa – Today, as the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers is celebrated worldwide, Canada’s support for UN peacekeeping remains weak . . . and is about to get weaker. Canada’s largest peacekeeping deployment in Mali is scheduled to end July 31st. The UN Department of Peace Operations had requested that Canada’s air task force remain a few […]

    canadian foreign policy and global governance: the positions of federal political parties

    Who are world federalists?

    More than at any time in human history, we are one world. Finding the means, the legal and political structures, to adequately and democratically address global problems, is one of the greatest political challenges of our time -- and it is the challenge that World Federalists are meeting.

    The World Federalist Movement - Canada is a not-for-profit research, education and advocacy organization.

    Our programs cover Peace and Security, Global Democratization, Responsibility to Protect and Global Governance Reforms.

    Learn more.